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Specialized agency

Having 10 years worth of experience in the field, MeDitorial produces medical texts for laypersons and professionals alike.

We have our own medical editorial staff knowledgeable of the standards of internet publishing and capable of following specific editorial guidelines who have received positive feedback for their work. The ability to create medical texts intended for laypersons is especially worthy of note as there is an obvious lack of this type of service on the Czech internet.

What specifically can you expect? The task you entrust us with is basically a problem we have to analyze (examine), then solve (treat) and finally make sure it remains a long-term success (positive prognosis).

Just like a doctor's appointment.


Do you want high-quality, intelligent content that will be easy to grasp for your target audience? Do you want the audience to respond the way you expect them to? Then we will ask you to set a specific goal for us and provide us with all available information on your previous communication strategies, relevant statistics, product monographs and other data from the patient's medical history.

Clinical examination:

We will measure your target audience's blood pressure – take the measure of their various attributes (education, attitude to the chosen medium, interest in the topic). We will record ECG, making sure we will be able to reach even the groups at the extremes of the curve. We will take an X-ray of your competitors' options and auscultate their strategies. We will take a blood sample, drawing out the synthesis of collected data.


If there is a resonance between the heart rate of your estimated budget and what we would assume to be an adequate payment for our services, we can go on to prepare a comprehensive project definition which will then be offered to you for differential diagnosis. After we incorporate your suggestions, we will have a treatment plan, a document that will describe the process of the project implementation to the tiniest detail. If you are only looking for a consultation, we may stop following our usual method of procedure and from this point on assume the role of either a supervisor or a subcontractor of the company you choose to carry out the project.


Based on the project definition, we will start the treatment in the range of ways previously agreed upon: from comprehensive educational projects for general public and professionals alike to e-detailing and MedRep education to e-mail newsletters, individual texts, press releases and PR. Texts will be accompanied by photographs from our extensive database of medical-themed images.


To show you that the treatment progresses according to the initial premise, we will provide statistics and, depending on what was previously agreed, regular updates of the given project; after all, we want you to schedule another appointment with us.

Anything we failed to list is also possible; medicine is not mathematics.

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