NHHIntention and conception

Intention and conception

Goals of the project

  • presents facilities within the consortium together
  • make a complete virtual tour of facilities and services
  • communicate to all interested parties at the same time
  • make use of all content and technical abilities of Web 2.0
  • increasing new and strengthen existing catchment area
  • proactively communicate with the public and media journalism
  • inform and educate the general, patient and professional public, incl. staff
  • offer client programmes for VIP patients
  • build a strong connection to the website user (repeat returns, development)
  • save physicians time with reffering pacients to the new educational materials
  • establish the interaction between doctors and patients, awake interest and confidence

The essential elements of the project 

  • structure and navigation for easy navigation in the presentation, ergonomics
  • transparent organization of information
  • quality and regularly updated content from valid sources
  • publishing system for easy updates
  • design for a serious image and impression
  • technical processing and speed display
  • interaction with users - advisory centre, incentive videos, experience
  • technical background for distribution of information
  • support from the media

Target groups 

  • general public outside the catchment area
  • general public and patients in the catchment area
  • mothers and future mothers
  • oncology patients
  • professional public and the staff of consortium
  • media and journalists
  • Internet resources in medical and associated topics
  • sponsors / partners

Possible external suppor for the project

  • professional guarantee
  • media support
  • connection to the net of projects of MeDitorial
  • support and use of printed materials
  • PR campaign and support for popular journals

uLékaře.cz is the largest and fastest growing portal on health in the Czech Republic, allowing to efficiently reach the target audience of people seeking information on health issues. It has over 350,000 unique visitors and more than 2,500,000 page views per month.
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proLékaře.cz - The largest information resource for physicians on the Czech and Slovak internet. Digitized archives of the journals published by the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně, Ambit Media, MF, GEUM and others. The site offers users the opportunity to share videos and case reports, participate in discussions, online conferences and lectures, browse conference listing.
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