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Health institutions

Department of Cardiovascular Surgery at the Motol Teaching Hospital, Pediatric Clinic at the Motol Teaching Hospital, the Hořovice Hospital with structured proposal and other health institution websites...

What we offer to hospitals, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and other health institutions:

  • establishing a professional web presence
  • marketing, PR services, establishing partnership with the media
  • showcasing the services provided by the facility

A medical facility website is to:

  • offer a comprehensive online tour of the facility and showcase the services it provides
  • address all interested parties simultaneously
  • enlarge the catchment area
  • proactively communicate with the media
  • inform and educate the general public as well as patients and professionals, including medical staff
  • offer client programs for the VIP patients
  • create a connection between the website and its users
  • save physician's time by offering him the option to refer patients to available educational materials
  • establish interaction between physicians and patients, inspiring interest and trust

We also offer external project support:

  • professional guarantee
  • media support
  • integration into the network of our projects
  • support and utilization of printed materials
  • PR campaign and support from lifestyle periodicals

Vital features of the website include:

  • Regular updates
  • Educational videos on examinations and treatments
  • Self-diagnostic modules for patients
  • Interactive modules (e.g. colonoscopy)
  • Surveys, questionnaires and charts
  • Health calculators

uLékař is the largest and fastest growing portal on health in the Czech Republic, allowing to efficiently reach the target audience of people seeking information on health issues. It has over 350,000 unique visitors and more than 2,500,000 page views per month.
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proLékař - The largest information resource for physicians on the Czech and Slovak internet. Digitized archives of the journals published by the Czech Medical Association of J. E. Purkyně, Ambit Media, MF, GEUM and others. The site offers users the opportunity to share videos and case reports, participate in discussions, online conferences and lectures, browse conference listing.
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Medikus will provide your office with online presence that will be of benefit to both you and your patients. Offering maximum flexibility, Medikus is easy to use and allows you to publish your own texts and news.
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